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Step Four: You will discuss your leadership style, how to develop your Leadership skills

Everybody needs to trust their own inner leadership.


By powerfully leading yourself you get better in what you are good at already and it gives you the opportunity to use your full potential.


You act based on your internal leader: from inner power, self-reflection and a clear goal and course. 


For authentic leadership from the inside out, how you connect with others is based on your inner self, who you are, what values you stand for. Discover how to be effective getting the results you need in a way that suits you.


Consider your core values: Leaders who have the most deeply held values of behaviours, choices, and actions lead in the best way. 


There is no one right way, every leader is a blend of different styles. 


Knowing your leadership style helps you


  1. Cope under stress,

  2. Build an effective team 

  3. Define your communication style

  4. Problem solve.

  5. Manage your strengths and weaknesses

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